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        Record Store Day Black Friday 2018 is discussed with co-founder Michael Kurtz

        This Goldmine Magazine Podcast episode centers on this upcoming Record Store Day Black Friday — and Small Business Saturday the next day — and who better to talk to about all this than RSD co-founder Michael Kurtz.

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        Current Print Issue

        Goldmine celebrates the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ ‘White Album’ with the December 2018 issue — on sale now at select Barnes & Noble and Books A Million stores until December 10, 2018.

        Fifty years later, remastered editions of The Beatles’ ‘White Album’ have been released by UMe/Apple/Capitol, and these editions include plenty of extras to get excited about. Learn more about the ‘White Album,’ past and present, and why so many of us are obsessed with it.







        Goldmine Video

        Watch the unboxing of?The Beatles 50th Anniversary editions of the ‘White Album’ (above).